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Sheikh Hamdan Award - 2014

KUDOS to 5 SIP Abacus and Mind Activation program (AMA) students who achieved the Sheikh Hamdan award this year 2014. Tanya Rao, SIP Abacus and Photographic memory student who has graduated from SIP Abacus program being awarded the H.H. Sheikh Hamdam Award for Academic Excellence !

Welcome to SIP Academy UAE

About SIP Academy UAE

SIP AcademyTM provides internationally acclaimed child development programs for children from 4 1/2 years onwards with the skills required to excel in a rapidly changing, ever more competitive global economy. Our programs facilitate the development of a "mental abacus" in the child’s mind which enhances visual-spatial competency, concentration, math skills and learning ability. SIP Talented Children’s Development Centre, is a children skill development organization headquartered in Platinum Business Center, Al Nahda, Dubai, UAE. You can get a lot of information on the unique and path breaking programs that we run; the Abacus and Brain Tune program, the Creative Art & Craft program, Communication Skills, Chess learning, Achiever's Mind Attitude Programme, Smart Learning Techniques (SLT), Photography & Music Genius. These programs focus on developing various skills in children. The process of developing skills in turn improves the learning ability of the child ...

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Upcoming Events

Date/Time Event
All Day
SIP 2nd Spelling Bee Competition
Al Nahda, Dubai UAE

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The SIP 2nd Spelling Bee Competition is open to all SIP and Non-SIP Students in the UAE. The competition is divided into four categories and each category will have a scheduled elimination round. Only 5 from each category will compete in the final round to be held on 3rd of April 2014. Registration will start on 10th of January and will end on 28th of February, 2015.

8:00 am - 3:00 pm
8th SIP National Abacus Prodigy Competition
Capitol School, dubai Dubai

Welcome to the 8th SIP National Abacus Prodigy Competition…To all the SIP Abacus students and their parents! Grab the opportunity to win championships, prizes and much much more… This is YOUR event, be an exciting and fun filled event in which all of us join together and celebrate ! Exciting and unique workshops and demos too! Please make the most of the event by setting aside a half day for this event.


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SIP Talented Children Skill Development Centre,
Suite 206, Platinum Business Center,
Al Nahda, Dubai, UAE
Telephone : 04 2575987
Mobile : 05 07649039
  05 28585384
E-mail :  info@sipacademyuae.com

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